“But yes I miss sharing. Sharing seats sharing drinks sharing ciggies and dance floors and beds and hands and hearts. Sharing spit and swapping snot and dropping fivers and T shirts and sharing shit stories and coffees and supper tables and tube journeys and bus conversations and shoes. I miss sharing the pavement and eye contact and shaking hands, skipping high 5s, making out just ‘cos you’re mates and stealing socks. Sharing breakfast, sharing taxis sharing songs and band mates and bathrooms. I miss sharing bits of my brain and the inside of my mouth and getting under your fingernails and being really gross and I miss running for the bus. I miss swapping change and sharing books and looking at someone wearing a really nice coat. Sharing pints and filming everything and sharing underwear and losing our wallets. Sharing stupidity and new ideas and project planning, booking flights sharing maps and eating off the floor.”

I didn’t know beer and bats had so much in common, until I fled before gate clanked closed, each finding ourselves now careful to clean. Myself, aware of eyes that needn’t weep, Without tissue, paper, towel: wet is danger; and see sugar sipped through 6 screens to be safer. How hot is too hot ? Feeling very ready to lift up shirts. Thermostat definitely OFF and tonic topped up, shouting at the radio, keeping it loud enough. I am excited to chew mud and dance on pavements, Masks off, laces undone and back bent

Fish scales I have left in slender leaves Tangled up in blue-brined wigs rejected Through messages, bottled on opposing Sides of tracks And waiting for replies not coming tonight My sharp teeth bite and waste Midnight-hued, transparent, peeling Pathways and curled up in haze Bless you when I stripe I’m feeling made among the stalks, Skewers in Spanish, Portuguese My mother in school At And at last In rain.