Manifesto for deep water conversations:

1. Cross your palm with silver and turn up the telephone. 2. No more red meat even though you just love the taste. 3. See what you mean but strictly with mouth closed. 4. Don’t bug me. 5. How far is the distance from fresh to fruit including your tyre treads ? Must be equal as before. 6. Paint toenails in alternating colours of coral. 7. Fuchsia hang up and swim to further boat one armed. “I am going to say but only once you have stopped listening,” —“You’re live bait - hey !” “…just wondering if he can ski.” 8. Caring is together in a game of poker. (Basically.) 9. Mother has five to herself but remember a broker keeps the lock. 10. Beak at 90 and breaking water: wet hands. “I wish you could have seen the windows like sea lions.” 11. Round it up into a fight. “Well…she is no older than me and she can’t have known the Krays.”

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