An open letter to my entire family

I am writing to you to say Thank You. To immortalise my thanks in black and white so that if ever you forget how long-ly and loudly I thank you, you can find it here and smile and laugh and remember ten million mosquito bites and two million bottles of wine.

How grateful I am to know all nineteen of you humans and to have the opportunity to soak up your jocularity, your juvenescence, your joy, your judiciousness and your Johnson-ness. How grateful I am to have such a large and diverse team of relatives, each one of you an expert in your own and personal niche. No two conversations or experiences would be the same, would be boring, would be uninspiring and I gleaned a wealth of knowledge from all of you over the course of our week. I thank you all for your questions and for your interest, I thank you for your suggestions and for your intellect. I thank you for sharing parts of yourselves and your smaller families with myself and my smaller family, for speaking each one of you so beautifully about the people you love and wanted to honour. I thank you for sharing your bread, beers, cigarettes, coffee, songs, ideas and struggles and for encouraging me to be open and to do the same with you. I thank you for welcoming me into a place a year ago I didn't know I could come back to and I thank all of you for letting me know that I am and always will be welcome.

My frustration with language sometimes gets the better of me when I realise there are not enough words adequate enough to express love, gratitude, warmth and wonder. I have spent many years attempting to remedy this, to learn more languages and more words and fixate upon ancient etymology so that I may create and utilise 'new' words (I recently used the word 'Pegasean' in a description of an aeroplane) so forgive my potential lack of scope in expression. I endeavour to spend the next years proving the validity of these words, to let each and every one of you know how grateful I am that you exist and that you allow me to exist as I am. The love, support and inspiration that holds this family together is peerless: I know of no other group of children and adults able to experience life collectively and comfortably without existing as part of an off-the-wall cult. Although, if this is, in fact, a cult (it does have many of the trappings...) then I am a proud and lifelong member.

I digress. You are all exceptionally kind beings and each of you is successful in the truest sense of the word: success in self. You have taught me about aspiration and openness, about stiff-upper-lip-ness and also red-face-on-the-floor emotion. You have taught me balance and breath and breadth and grace.

Thank you all for having me, I had the most wonderful week.

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