Add a Catchy Title

Bring it out of the hot tubs

and think if you have ever been forgotten or felt like it when you are singing

an ethnic song in the warehouse (in a nutshell)

Absolutely no entry via the park

two people one very small sitting inside a smart car cracking NOS canisters and

I watch

pink balloon, inflate and inhale


Old man throws a coin on floor from his cracked-open car


as I walk past,

I'm peeking right down an alleyway as narrow and winding as if it were Venetian

HO ! Sounds like a sharp, dog, bark, when, he,

hits the curb

Yeah, drove home listening to Demis through Limehouse (yes we fit the tunnel)

like an alien with a head full. I looked around and waited

alien for now 'cos I'm Bed Bound By Law.

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