Updated: Jan 14, 2019

WISH I HAD NOT SAID THAT is a track by JJ Cale that was released in 1981. Other news from the same year includes the debut of ALW's West-End musical: CATS; the successful trial of Peter Sutcliffe and Charles and Lady Di's wedding.


"Let's not talk about our eyesight for a short while," (Makes things easier to look at)

You probably think that these little pieces of world don't concern you. They concern me, almost hungrily. Rest assured they're nibbling your cranium, you're just too numb to feel it yet.


If I ate a moth, which part of me would it fly to ?

"It honestly has nothing to do with your basket-weaving capabilities (or lack thereof.) I just can't believe you're so obsessed by betterness."

-We learned about that a long time ago....but now I remember you had one finger in your eye and the other up your arse so you can't possibly be expected to have taken anything in at all.

Wait until

(I\m not I just want to Draw You)

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