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Sisi Savidge  (b. London, 1996) is a writer and multi-disciplinary artist-writer-DJ based in Berlin. She created the arts, music and literature platform, GOAT, in 2019 under which she continues to run events programmes and residencies, video platforms and print in Berlin, London and Vienna. She has a  passion for nonsense, language and misunderstandings. When not broadening her equine relations, Savidge is to be found mixing medicines with friends or staring at books. She owes much of her life to extremely poor hearing and worse eyesight; her favourite number is two. Her first book, Nice Weather, was published by Ceremony Press in October 2021. She is currently working on her second book.




poetry: Nice Weather published in England by Ceremony Press, October 2021


"GREAT CONVERSATIONS" | ORi, Berlin | September 2021

"GREAT CONVERSATIONS" | Koppel Project HIVE, London | August 2021

"My Love is Your Love" Every Woman Biennial 2021 | Copeland Gallery, London | June 2021

"This is What I Wanted To Avoid But Look Now" | Mehringdamm Studios, Berlin | January 2021

Winter Gallery: Kunstladen | ACaU @ Uferstudios Für Zeitgenössischen Tanz, Berlin | December 2020

Fine Art Degree Show | Wimbledon College of Art, London | June 2018

"All Good Things" | Wimbledon College of Art, London | January 2018

"Bodies Of..." | MONO, Rotterdam | May 2017

"The Pasty Connexion presents: FOULMOUTH" | The Mill Co. Project, London | March 2017


Chef in Residence, Villa Lena, Tuscany, September - October 2021

Resident, The Palace, Gorzanów, Poland, July 2021

DJ and programmer, Curved Ball Radio, April 2021-

Artist and programmer, ORi - Forum künstlerische Bildmedien, Berlin, February 2021-

Resident DJ, Rhythm and Frames, London, January 2021-

Host/performer, Temple of Slut, Gorzanów, Poland, September 2020

Resident and workshop leader, The Palace, Gorzanów, Poland, September 2020

Tutor in residence, Koppel Project Campus, Holborn, March-May 2020

Founder, GOAT, London, January 2019-


Lint Magazine, contributor, November 2021 (Poetry)

Coeval Magazine, Interviews and features writer, October 2020-present (Features)

GOAT Magazine, Issue 03, Great Conversations, January 2021 (Interview)

South London Review of Hand Sanitiser, Vol. 1 No. 1, Summer 2020 (Poetry)

GOAT Magazine, Issue 02, A Room With A Loo, October 2019 (Poetry)

GOAT Magazine, Issue 01, The Philosophy of Niche, January 2019 (Short Story)



Soho Radio, Sisi Savidge and Madeleine Rose: Duality/Underground Institute, 12th May 2021

Rhythm and Frames, Sisi Savidge: Curved Ball Radio, 28th January 2021

Rhythm and Frames, Sisi Savidge: Curved Ball Radio (Rome), 21st January 2021

Rhythm and Frames, Sisi Savidge: Curved Ball Radio, 14th January 2021

Rhythm and Frames, Sisi Savidge: Curved Ball Radio, 7th January 2021

Stack Magazines, A Room With A Loo: Review, December 2019

UAL Alumni, UAL Meets: Sisi Savidge, January 2019



BFA (Hons.) Fine Art: Sculpture, First Class, Wimbledon College of Art, UAL | 2015-2018

Erasmus+, Willem de Kooning Academie, Rotterdam | January-June 2017

Foundation Diploma in Art & Design, Merit, Falmouth University | 2014-15